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Changes made to pension regulations in 2015 allowed UK pension holders aged 55+ to access up to 100% of their pension funds and take far greater control of their money, including how and when they took their pensions For many, this increased flexibility was a great thing — either providing them with an immediate cash injection, maybe to […]

2015 pension rule change had many rushing to cash in their pension nest eggs at 55, but was it a good idea? The changes made in 2015 to pension regulations, allowed UK Pension holders aged 55+ to access up to 100% of their Pension funds and take far greater control of their money, including how […]

Grove Pension Solutions ltd is delighted to have been selected to appear in the 2017 publication of The Parliamentary Review alongside Prime Minister Theresa May. Speaking about Grove’s involvement, Chief Executive and founder, Michael Ormond said: “It’s a real honour to have been invited to participate in this prestigious publication. I’ve been involved with the […]

In the first in our Shedding Light on Pension Release series, we address a commonly asked question: how long does it usually take? Many of the people we speak to want to access the cash in their pension as quickly as possible and for all manner of reason – they may need the money to […]

The National Grid Pension Scheme appears currently to be providing generous transfer values. If you used to work for National Grid and have an old pension scheme with them, the following information could be of interest to you. Background: The National Grid Pension Scheme is known as a Defined Benefit pension scheme and is therefore […]

In this year’s budget, The Chancellor announced some significant changes to pension rules, specifically with regard to accessing your money. Once these changes have been passed into legislation they will become law. The plan is that from April 2015, everyone with a Defined Contribution pension, such as Personal Pension, Stakeholder Pension and Occupational Money Purchase […]

Early Pension Release, also known as Pension Unlocking or Pension Lump Sum Early, is when you legally take some of the money you have in your pension early; it’s as simple as that. The rules allow you to access your pension once you reach age 55; everyone is allowed to do this. The problem may […]

John Smith is employed on a salary of £24,000 a year Married to Joan who works part time on a salary of £7,000 a year John is aged 57 No dependents No savings John has an old pension from when he used to work for his local council; it is a Local Government Pension, which […]

Early Pension Release or Pension Unlocking can only happen to individuals who are aged 55 or over and have a UK pension they are not currently paying into or receiving; it doesn’t apply to The State Pension. You can usually release up to 25% of the pension fund value as a Tax Free Cash Lump […]

There has been a lot in the press lately about Pension Liberation. This is where you are offered the facility to cash in your entire pension, less any charges and commission, irrespective of your age.  In The Financial Conduct Authority’s (formerly The Financial Service Authority or FSA) own words “There is a high chance these […]